Integrity - Guaranteed

Read about how we promise integrity throughout our work practices.

Integrity - Guaranteed
Integrity - Guaranteed

Trust and Integrity. At Watson’s these aren’t just values we put on the office wall. As a local family-owned and run company, we stand behind everything we do and offer. In fact, we are so convinced that you’ll love our service that we offer an amazing service guarantee for selling your home or managing your property.

"Very early on in starting the company (1996) we decided the word integrity would be a key founding value. It simply means that we will be honest, will do what we say we will and will look after people in the unlikely event that something should go wrong."

- Greg Watson, Business Development Manager

Selling your home - guarantee to you

We are so committed to offering you an amazing service that we offer a unique, unconditional guarantee. No ifs, no buts, no excuses… we ask only that you give us just 48 hours to remedy any problem you have with us. After 48 hours if we don’t fix the problem to your satisfaction we agree to cancel our agency agreement on the spot!


There are two factors that must happen for us to take our full fee of service:


The first is that you must have received an excellent service (not good or great, but excellent). The second is that the offer(s) on your property must at least be at the level of your expectations, or in fact above that level. If either of these things do not occur, then we are prepared to negotiate our fee for service – you have our word on this. The reason we go about it this way is so that it sets the bar very high for us to live up to. This results in the best outcome possible for you, not only in the price we achieve but the service we provide.

Managing your property - Our 3 month Money Back Guarantee

We are very proud of our reputation for property management, and clients continue to provide references that confirm the high quality of our services.


Our property management guarantee means that if after 3 months, you are not entirely satisfied with our Property Management Service we will cancel our contract and refund, in full, all management fees paid by you.


We will not lock you into a fixed management. Our staff are dedicated to providing you a fantastic service and they are very well trained. We want to provide our value to you on an ongoing, month to month basis. We believe you will be very happy with the level of service we provide.

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