Large Market Marquee for Hire

Are you hosting an event and need an awesome Large Market Marquee?

Book ours for FREE!

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Large Market Marquee for Hire
Large Market Marquee for Hire

Please take note that you will need 6 people to put it up and take it down.

The marquee is free, however, please note that if any damage to it or loss occurs, that you’ll be responsible for getting it fixed or replaced.

It’ll be great to email us photos of how you used the marquee for our own marketing purposes.

By Booking the Marquee, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


  1. No responsibility can be accepted by the owner for broken, damaged or missing equipment once the equipment has been accepted by the hirer.
  2. Cleaning fees will be charged by the owner for all washing and or cleaning of equipment necessitated, where the same or any of it is returned in otherwise than a clean and hygienic condition.
  3. The Hirer will be liable for any loss, theft, damage or destruction of any Marquee or equipment during the hire period. All equipment beyond repair will be paid for by the Hirer at the market retail replacement price. Payment for any damage or claim due within 7 days following the incident. If the Owner is required to use insurance, the Hirer will be liable to cover the excess and any additional charges not covered.
  4. If the equipment is not returned by the Hirer at the agreed time, the owner may arrange to collect all items without notice to the Hirer and the expense in all things the Hirer.
  5. All containers and/or fabric bags are to be returned to the Owner. Any missing items will be charged for.
  6. The Hirer understands the Safety Instructions and associated Operations Instructions given and or made available by the Owner and acknowledges it has been offered.
  7. Collection and solicitors fees to be borne by the Hirer for recovery of equipment or monies.
  8. The hirer undertakes to arrange at their own expense all permits, licences or other requirements of the relevant local authorities, Government department or agency or other statutory body and further undertakes to indemnify the Owner against any loss or fine imposed on the Owner as a result of any alleged or actual non-compliance with this clause or any term or condition of any such permit or licence.
  9. While the Owner makes every effort to ensure that all marquees areas are as waterproof and weatherproof as practicable, the Owner will not be responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused as a result of water or weather entering into the marquee.
  10. While the Owner will use all methods available at the time, the Hirer understands that due to Health & Safety protocols items may not be used in adverse weather conditions. It is the Hirers responsibility to have an alternative plan if the weather does not permit for the equipment to be safely used.
  11. The Owner may terminate the Contract by notice with immediate effect if the Hirer fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Hire or any other agreement with the Owner. Or if the Owner believes the equipment may be at risk for any reason whatsoever, including the manner of use, adverse weather or work conditions.

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