Venessa Smart

Venessa Smart

Marketing Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the marketing space and specialising in digital marketing, I lead the marketing team at Watson Integrity, a regional real estate company in New Zealand, Because Watson Integrity is a small-medium sized company, I am hands on everything we do in the marketing department. I have a wide variety of skills to accommodate the demand of a fast-expanding company.

My skills range from marketing strategy, content development and relationship marketing to graphic design, advertising and web design – only to mention a few hats I wear every day. I am a visionary leader, or if you prefer, I’m a mould breaker. My time here at Watson Integrity has proven that I’m not afraid to think outside of the box and pioneering new ideas and ways of doing marketing. What I absolutely love about working for Watson Integrity is that I am allowed the space to drive innovative marketing in an industry known to be very traditional in their approach to marketing.

Although I’m highly skilled in many areas of marketing, my passion is helping people. Whether I work with my team, stakeholders or customers, I always find a way to improve the lives I touch. I love to empower people I work with and see them succeed.

One of the mantras I live by is kindness. Kindness is giving hope to those who think they are all alone in this world. Kindness is seeing the best in others when they cannot see it in themselves. Kindness is something anyone can give without losing anything themselves.

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