Squad Structure

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Squad Structure
Squad Structure

At Watson Integrity we are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways of managing rental properties. In order to deliver an excellent service to our clients, we have developed and implemented a new and progressive way of Property Management. This new structure to Watson Integrity is called a Squad structure and means our Property Managers work collectively in teams of three. In the past, you may have had one Property Manager take care of everything for you, your property, and your tenants. Although this method is predominantly used by most Property Management companies in New Zealand, we wanted to think outside the box that would allow our Property Managers to deliver a more thorough and unique experience for you.

How Does the Squad Structure Work?

Each Squad member has specified tasks and responsibilities to perform. The Property Manager Executive (PME) is the senior of the three members with minimum 3 years of experience. They are the leader of the squad and are responsible for owner relationship, organiser, trainer, conflict manager, and final decision maker for the squad.


The Property Manager (PM) has gained experience through being an associate. They are responsible for tenant relationships and the day-to-day physical tasks like leasing, viewings, and inspections.

The Property Manager Associate (PMA) has no experience and is responsible for the administration, compliance, documentation, and issuing correct notices to tenants and owners.

The Squad structure allows the workload to be evenly spread giving more time for the members to effectively manage the property and communicate more frequently with the owner and the tenants. The information and knowledge between the property, owner, and tenant aren’t going to get lost when a Property Manager is away sick or goes away on leave. This is because all Squad members are aware of what is going on and either member can step in and effectively manage these situations if the other member is away. The information will always be retained within the Squad which causes less frustration for the owner and the tenants.

Why is the Squad Structure the new way of managing properties in the future?

  • Property Managers have more time to be able to deliver a better experience to clients
  • Knowledge is retained within the squad for anything discussed with owners, tenants, and about the properties
  • If some is away sick or go away on leave, there are two others that pick up the workload
  • Tasks don’t get forgotten about because they can be easily spread across the squad
  • More focus on building better relationships with owners and tenants
  • There is progression and a career pathway for individuals
  • Squad members less likely to burn out
  • More of a balance with work and personal commitments, which means squad members are able to switch off from their work

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